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2nd Worldwide Gathering

Join the 36-hour CNVC Worldwide Gathering on March 25 - 26, and learn and practice your Nonviolent Communication skills. Registration is free!

Your support can make a difference to the sustainability of CNVC operations and scholarships for students to participate in Virtual Intensive Trainings.

Nonviolent Communication is important now more than ever. Your donations will help CNVC continue to spread Marshall's message around the world.

You're invited to join us in this fundraising effort as we explore the applications of Nonviolent Communication. Join sessions around using NVC in conflict, with criticism, kids, coworkers, friends in pain, animals, dear ones at the end of their life, understanding LGBTQIA and racial equality. Get yourself a place and get ready to connect!

Best of all: registration is free! We ask that you donate and help us replace the revenue lost as a result of the Covid-19 Crisis and help us keep CNVC on the map with our Worldwide Gathering. Sign up to get updates on the schedule and offerings.



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